Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol

Benefits of Not Drinking Alcohol

Curious to know the benefits of not drinking alcohol? Scroll down for the complete list.

Alcohol is a nervous system depressant. It slows down the responses of the body. Whether alcohol is beneficial to our body or not, is a debatable issue. It has been established that when taken in small and moderate quantities, alcohol provides a number of health benefits. However, people lose control over themselves and they don’t realize when this small quantity becomes bigger and turns into an alcohol abuse. These people soon become addicted to alcohol and dependent on it. Too much of alcohol creates many physical and mental health problems. There are a number of benefits of not drinking alcohol that one can gain.

Benefits Gained by Not Drinking Alcohol

As mentioned above, there are a few health benefits of drinking alcohol. This benefit is derived when a small amount of alcohol is consumed. This does not mean that those who do not consume any alcohol at all, face health issues. There are so many benefits of not drinking alcohol. Let us look at these benefits.

Those who do not drink alcohol do not have any fear of getting addicted to alcohol nor do they have any fear of alcohol abuse. Alcohol abuse increases binge drinking and alcoholism. Bad hangovers, nausea and vomiting are the binge drinking effects. People who do not drink alcohol do not face the problem of alcohol addiction as well.

All the food and drink that we consume gets absorbed into our body through the liver. The liver can process only a very small amount of alcohol every hour. If a huge amount of alcohol is consumed, then the liver cannot process it and there are complications in our system due to the increased alcohol content in the blood. Furthermore, if this happens every day, then the liver gets damaged and does not function well. The chances of liver cirrhosis are also increased.

Consumption of alcohol by a person who is on medication can turn out to be potentially life threatening for him/her. Alcohol and the medications may not work well and not only will the medicines not work, but there may be further damages to the body too. If the person doesn’t consume any alcohol, well, he/she will be able to get well soon. Isn’t this a great benefit of not drinking alcohol?

When alcohol is consumed by a pregnant woman, the fetus gets affected. The child may become disabled, when born. Another side effect is that the child may die or there can be a number of complications at birth. Healthy mother and baby is the benefit derived by not drinking any alcohol.

When a person drinks alcohol, his family gets affected, intentionally or unintentionally. Children grow up in a very different environment with fights and misery all around them. Possibility of child abuse cannot be ruled out. On the other hand, children of the parents who don’t drink alcohol are more likely to have a better childhood, thus, a better life.

Alcohol leads to weight gain. Naturally, weight gain due to alcohol is not healthy. This weight gain causes more problems like diabetes, obesity, heart problems, etc. It is very difficult to reduce weight gained in this manner. When the person realizes this, its too late. Nervous breakdown can also be a result of this. The person who doesn’t drink alcohol does not need to worry about this problem.

Kidney problems are also very common for the people who drink alcohol. Kidney problems are serious problems and if they are not treated in time and if the person does not stop drinking, then the chances of his/her death due to kidney failure, are high.

Brain cells and the heart are affected due to drinking alcohol. This might result in a heart attack or a brain tumor. Both are life threatening situations and are less probable in a person who does not drink alcohol.

Apart from these grave problems, a person who does not drink alcohol is also less likely to suffer from frequent depressions, frequent headaches, restlessness, frequent sleeplessness, hangovers, blood pressure and these people never have to worry about losing the control of their mind and their actions under the influence of alcohol. These are the benefits of not drinking alcohol.

Benefits of not Drinking Alcohol for a Month

Those who make a pact of not drinking alcohol ever again, need to start from abstaining from alcohol for a week, a fortnight, a month or six months and if they can survive this abstinence without losing any control over their actions, they are more likely to succeed in giving up alcohol in their lives. Let us look into what people experience when they don’t drink alcohol for a month.

People have found out that they are less restless and that they can sleep much better. Some people say that they craved like crazy for alcohol in the beginning but can now control themselves. There are still others who started making themselves so busy in their lives that they hardly got any time to think about alcohol. People have also realized that not only do they look better but they also feel better after not drinking alcohol for a month. This is a good motivation for them to quit drinking permanently. Some have also found that they are able to think clearly and take some good decisions, be it at work or at home. Isn’t that one of the great benefits of not drinking alcohol? There are many who have started losing the weight that they had gained due to the alcohol consumption. These people also find that not only do they feel less restless, but they also are less depressed and less moody.

Though it is beneficial to drink a small amount of alcohol, it is not necessary. There are so many benefits of not drinking alcohol. A good job, a good family life, good friends, no alcohol related health issues, clear thinking, positivity, good decision making are just the tip of the iceberg. For those of you who have tried and failed to quit alcohol, don’t forget, it is difficult but not impossible to get rid of alcohol addiction. For those of you who tried and succeeded in letting go of alcohol, great going. And for those of you who are not attempting to leave alcohol, stop drinking alcohol before it is too late. It is difficult, yes, but not impossible.

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