Get to Know the Characters You Always Watch on Nip/Tuck

Get to Know the Characters You Always Watch on Nip/Tuck

For the help of this article you can watch your favorite show from here online. I think this is the best opportunity for you. So get more information about Nip Tuck series.

For those of you who watch Nip/Tuck episodes online or used to catch the same, when they used to be telecasted on the television would know almost everything that there is to know about the characters of the show. However, for those of you who are either new to the show or want to know a little bit more about the lead characters of the show, this is the perfect place.

The Nip/Tuck episodes have always been recognized for the brilliant plotline and the incredible performances by the lead actors. This article is an attempt to present a clearer picture of the characters, and the actors behind the characters. Here is an in-depth look at some of the most prominent characters of the show:

Dr. Sean McNamara: Played by Dylan Walsh, this is one character that could probably be called the protagonist of the show, simply for the reason that there is someone who could be labeled the antagonist. There are several members in the audience, who would download Nip/Tuck episodes mainly to enjoy the performances of Sean. His sentences always start with the statement, “Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.” A graduate from the University of Miami, Sean is skilled at what he does, but is often troubled at times.

Get to Know the Characters You Always Watch on Nip/Tuck

Dr. Christian Troy: If you Watch Nip Tuck Episodes , this is the character you would probably identify as the antagonist. The character is brought to life on screen by Julian McMahon. He is best friends with Sean, and runs a cosmetic surgery clinic with him. This character is depicted as one that is not only self obsessed, but also a complete womanizer. This is one guy who drives sporty cars, visits expensive clubs and has a love for Gucci suits.

However, the generally flashy, confident guy has a vulnerable side to him, which is due to a scar left from his childhood days – he was molested by his foster father. His life is further shattered, when he finds out that he is actually the product of a rape. Download Nip/Tuck to learn more about this enigmatic character, with a deep, dark past.

Julia McNamara: Played by Joely Richardson, this character is Sean’s wife and went by the name Julia Noughton, prior to being married. Even though she was married to Sean for over 17 years, and had three kids with him (Matt, Annie and Connor), theirs was never really a very happy marriage. Julia had a relationship with her husband’s partner, Christian, and is still in love with him. She even tries to seduce other men, including Christian, but to no avail, because nothing is able to rekindle her relationship with her husband; and this eventually leads to a divorce.

Watch Nip Tuck, either via the internet or by other means, if you want to know more.

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