Taking Your Company Public and Growing Fast – The Growth Checklist

Taking Your Company Public and Growing Fast - The Growth Checklist

Global economic turmoil, insider trading and close encounters of the criminal kind; yes the international strategic alliance sector has been pulled in to correct the good, bad and the ugly. Commerce and politics are braided and entwined as it becomes one unified concoction equivalent to fiscal haggis or swimming laps in a cesspool. No matter how clean an organization is, there are still tainted elements that pollute the development and solidification contributing to a scalable and prosperous infrastructure that is conducive to turning a suffering, virtually choked out corporation around to profitability.

One of the most important aspects to corporate turnaround is the merging of efforts via strategic partnerships both inside and outside the particular genre of business occupied by the entity itself. The ability to take advantage of the promotional and distribution efforts of synergistic companies will save millions annually in your bottom line and add steroids to the IR/PR success by maximizing exposure while minimalizing cash outlay.

Mastering the identification, negotiation, facilitation and enforcement of these alliances can make or break an organization and take you from ‘survival’ mode to prosperity and rapid expansion. One of the easiest ways to grow via alliances is to have multiple brainstorming sessions with in house corporate management, outside consulting forces as well as accounting and legal solutions that are outsourced to reach into the immediate pool of relationships in place and ready to be monetized.

Using the rapport already established via individual management will speed up the ‘courting’ to facilitation/action time line so that your company can gain the immediate gratification that comes with a win/win partnership with both parties contributing in a fashion that will expedite results for both sides. The next best way to identify and facilitate strategic alliances to put your company in full throttle growth mode is to hire a strategies consultant to help you seek out synergistic relationships that will result in eager partnering without the hard sell.

These consultants will typically have a focused area of expertise whether it be bio-tech, software technology, public corporations or privately held organizations. If your company fits the mold and your consultant is the real deal you can expect massive results with the main momentum and results coming within 3 months with long-term and ongoing growth that comes from retaining and cultivating old relationships while inviting new ones as your company gains a reputation for clean, clear cut agendas without the drama that deliver real results for everyone involved.

Growing is easy if you know how!

Global Expansion, Rapid Growth and Mergers and Acquisitions, and Economic Development are you prepared for economic warfare?

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